Porcelain wall and floor ceramic tile price

Different criteria affect the price of porcelain walls and floor ceramic tiles. Various Tile dimensions, being porcelain or non-porcelain, polished or not polished, matt or glazed, and the grade of ceramic tiles, are the popular factors that influence the price. Different tiles dimensions provide the customers with different prices as well.

As the tiles are produced in larger sizes the price may increase regarding the better quality and the more raw materials which are used in producing such products. But this is not constant, in some cases, due to the availability and unique design of tiles with small dimensions their price may be higher than the large ones.

Considering the production process and higher quality of porcelain tiles, their prices are a few higher than the non-porcelain tiles. The porcelain tile has a water absorption percentage of less than % 0/05 and is very popular with builders and designers.

People prefer paying more money to provide better and more durable ceramic tiles for the structures. Polished tiles are produced by technical types of industrial machinery with various brushes in the factory to make the ceramic tiles smooth and shiny. Putting all these procedures under consideration, it is clear why polished ceramic tiles are more expensive.

Matt ceramic tiles have their own proponents due to their quality, special design, and lower price than the other glossy ceramic tiles. Matt and glazed ceramic tiles have the same quality but the glazed ceramic tiles are more expensive in little amount because of the glazing process in the factory. Considering the grades, as the grade is lower the price consequently is lowered too. Commonly, the ceramic tiles price is given to the customer on the basis of the square meter or square feet. It varies based on the measurement unit of each country.

Bathroom tiles

Porcelain floor tiles for the bathroom are the best and the most cost-efficient coating to be used in the bathrooms. There are a variety of colors and designs for the bathroom ceramic tiles so that the customers have the ability to make choices from unlimited options. Although both porcelain and non-porcelain tiles are made of clay the porcelain ones are made at higher temperatures therefore they have less porosity and are stronger than normal ceramic tiles.

Regarding their minimum water absorption, they are qualified enough to be used in the bathrooms. As the purging of the bathroom has great importance, Porcelain tiles are more resistant to stains and scratches so they can be better options for the bathrooms. Although porcelain tiles are more durable to be used in the bathrooms, the installation is important as well. Because the underlying layer of ceramic tiles functions as a protective shell to avoid moisture and licking.

Decorative ceramic tiles can be used in the bathrooms too, but there are some disadvantages to them like lower resistance and strength due to their smaller dimensions and artificial usage. Larger tiles give the bathroom spaces a modern view and they cause the smaller spaces like the bathrooms to seem larger and brighter. Having an exact and appropriate selection of bathroom ceramic tiles can give this part of the building an interesting sight.

Bathroom tiles

Floor tiles kitchen

The most functional option for coating the kitchen floor is ceramic tiles, however other options may be applicable to the other parts of the house but the best choice for the kitchen is ceramic tiles. Ceramic tiles can be harmonized with any architectural design therefore they can give a unique view to the kitchens.

Ceramic tiles can be used for traditional and modern kitchen floors, on both cases, there are various advantages of using ceramic tiles flooring rather than the other types of flooring. Besides the superficial gracefulness, impenetrability to water and other liquids, resistance against stains and scratches, ease of cleaning, and resistance against pollution are other advantages of using ceramic floor tiles for the kitchen.

As there is a wide variety in dimensions of flooring ceramic tiles, there is no limitation on using these tiles for small or large spaces. By applying creativity and innovation to the designs of kitchen ceramic tiles, there can be hundreds of ideas and decoration tips for making the kitchens more graceful.

Floor tiles bathroom

The floor tiles that are used in the bathroom have priority over other floorings.  Ceramic tiles are made of natural materials which are highly recommended to be used in bathroom coatings because they furnish a more purified space. They are the best options to be substituted for unnatural coatings like artificial parquet and epoxy floorings.

Floor tiles bathroom

Appealing color and design along with the quality of floor tiles are two important factors that must be in mind when choosing the appropriate coating for the bathroom.  Almost everybody who is intended to use ceramic tiles, has this question in mind why floor ceramic tiles are qualified to be used in the building? Why not other coatings? There are several reasons for this concern.

Ceramic tiles for the floor have attractive colors with various designs, which can give more options to the buyers. Low water absorptions make these coatings more durable and consequently, they are more cost-efficient for the builders to use in their constructions. Floor ceramic tiles have a non-porous surface which causes a decreased permeability of dust and dirt.

Rustic and non-slippery floor ceramic tiles are appropriate enough to be used in the bathrooms because these parts of the buildings are always humid and wet and may cause danger to people.  Light colors make a peaceful and relaxing feeling so moderate and light tiles are suggested to be applied to the bathroom flooring as they are used several times a day, light colors make a peaceful and relaxing feeling.

Dark and sharp colors have a negative influence on people’s minds. We wholeheartedly hope to provide our customers with convenient and satisfying options to be best matched with their demands and desires in our company.

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