Overview on Wholesale Trading Marble Tiles by E-commerce

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Another important indicator in gaining maximum international market is the promotion of Iran’s tile position in ceramic tile products. In the main export markets, the compulsion of the Iraqi Kurdistan Region to conduct international monitoring, the complaints of the Iraqi Exporters’ Union and the letter of the Meybod Factories Employers Association to the Organization for Standardization and Industrial Research that further monitoring itself testifies to the destruction of Iranian tile reputation in some major markets. Therefore, improving the quality in accordance with global production will be one of the most important pillars in stabilizing tile exports.

Enter new markets

Iran’s export market is limited to Iraq and to a very small extent to the countries of Central Asia and the Caucasus, and in some potential countries, according to the report of the ceramic tile industrial cluster and the statistics provided, it has not even entered the market. The macro goal is set.

Global Marketing

Entering the market, gaining maximum market and staying in the market requires proper marketing based on the local conditions of each country and lack of serious study in this regard will cause serious damage to exporters and producers, so marketing in the form of specialized export companies in each region. It can lead to balanced growth of production.

Consolidation of indoor exhibitions and prevention of dispersion




The showcase of the Iranian market is in the exhibition of ceramic products of the exhibitions of this industry in the country. Strong exhibitions in production and market gathering points will be one of the goals of the group’s work.

Creating a prestigious international exhibition in the inland basin

Iranian exhibition brand is not a well-known brand in the ceramic industry and traders prefer to visit Iranian products in foreign exhibitions. Creating at least one prestigious international exhibition in the country is also an intermediate goal in identifying the product to international traders.

Overview on Wholesale Trading Marble Tiles by E-commerce

How to Increase Tile’s Ranking in World Trade?

How to Increase Tile's Ranking in World Trade?

In a letter to the CEOs of ceramic tile manufacturers, Ceramics announced the permission to increase the prices of the products of these factories up to 20%. “Given that all the variables affecting the cost of production, including the price of raw materials such as minerals, ceramic pellets, zirconium, printing ink, cartons, and overhead and wage costs, as well as costs,” the letter said. Services, including freight, have increased significantly, and this trend continues. A sharp rise in the exchange rate, in addition to affecting a wide range of goods and services, directly raises the price of imported raw materials, parts and supplies. Required production units.

“Also, due to the importance of transportation in the ceramic tile industry, especially the transportation of materials from mines to factories, as well as the transportation of products to distribution centers, sales and the country’s borders for export, has a significant impact on increasing the cost of products.” “According to the above explanations, the board of directors of the association believes that considering the sharp increase in the price of production factors, if the strategy of selling products and updating prices is not accompanied by an increase in production costs,” the letter reads. , Companies will face serious challenges to continue their activities, so the board of directors of the association after reviewing the issue and taking into account the sharp increase in production costs and in line with the opinion of the Ministry of Silence, which has allowed to increase product prices by 20%. Recommends to companies, despite the fact that the cost of products has increased by more than 20%, so taking into account the situation of the company and in order to prevent possible losses and the possibility of continuing operations, until further notice of the increase in selling prices of products Apply up to a maximum of 20%.

What’s the Entire Process of Custom Clearing Tiles?

What's the Entire Process of Custom Clearing Tiles?

The word “tile” is derived from a French word called “tuile”, which itself is derived from the Latin word “tegula” and means baked roof tile made of baked clay.

In fact, in everyday conversation, tile is one of the building materials, which is usually in the form of a square or thin rectangle or more complex shapes with a thickness of a few millimeters and consisting of hard materials such as stone, metal, glass, etc. Tiles are used to cover ceilings, floors, walls or other surfaces as a decorative item.

Compare Marble Tile’s Prices and Order in Bulk

Compare Marble Tile's Prices and Order in Bulk

Marble tiling has always been a popular method for use in the facades of buildings in Iran (mosques, halls, entrances to palaces and corridors of historic buildings) and still has its own fans among Iranians. Marble tiles can be used in any part of the home environment; But they are more commonly used in tiling kitchens, bathrooms and toilets, and give a spectacular beauty and elegance to kitchens and bathrooms. It is interesting to know that marble tiles can be used as decor for walls inside and outside the building due to the beauty and variety of colors that it creates. Installing marble tiles, although not a simple process, can be done with enough patience and precision.

If you are thinking of marble tiles

If you are thinking of a major design change for your home or office these days, and marble tile is one of your options, I suggest you read this article.

Tile with marble or ceramic?

When you are planning to change the design of your home or workplace, you are faced with the challenge of choosing the material of the floor or body, and the question will surely arise in your mind that “is tiling better with stone or ceramic?” Apart from personal taste, which is completely unique, each of these two materials has its own characteristics, the knowledge of which will help you to make choices and decisions more easily.

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