Marble Tile’s Buying Alternatives between 2018 and 2022

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What is an inter-cabinet tile? How to choose the right tile for the kitchen cabinet

21 types of inter-cabinet kitchen tiles (types between inter-kitchen cabinets)

Tiles between cabinets are currently one of the best coverings to beautify and beautify the kitchen space. By using tiles between the kitchen cabinets, while beautifying, it is possible to remove and clean the grease from cooking more easily and more easily. In fact, the tiles between the kitchen cabinets do not just protect your walls from stains and dirt. You can create beautiful designs and patterns and update the look of your kitchen by choosing the right and using tiles between cabinets.

In this article from Baspar site, we try to point out the types of inter-cabinet tiles commonly used in the kitchen.

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Early kitchen inter-cabinet tiles were more functional rather than decorative. These tiles were about 10 cm high and were made of ceramic or glass tiles. These tiles were designed between cabinets to protect the walls from moisture, grease and other kitchen contaminants and were therefore used only behind the sink or behind the stove.

It was in the 1950s that inter-kitchen tiles became both functional and decorative. These tiles became light in color and were used in other parts of the kitchen, so that they were also used in the lower and upper parts of the cabinets. It was inter-cabinet tiles in the 1970s or 1980s that came in the form of decorative tiles and mosaics.

However, in the 1990s, homeowners tended to look for natural looking tiles. Tiles between cream and white cabinets have been used for decades. Subway tiles (subway hexagonal tiles) did not enter the scene until 2000 AD.

Marble Tile’s Buying Alternatives between 2018 and 2022

What’s the HS Code of Marble Tiles in Market?

What’s the HS Code of Marble Tiles in Market?

It is not possible to provide liquidity to the country through mines. Iran has dropped to 17th place, while Turkey has also ranked third in the world. In the following, we will examine the shortcomings of stone exports and offer solutions to address them.

The perspective of the stone industry

The outlook for the stone industry is based on upstream values ​​and based on available sources, which is as follows for 1404:

Sustainable knowledge-based production combined with productivity and competitiveness

Balance in foreign exchange

What variables need to be improved in order to achieve this vision for stone exports? As you know, reaching the position mentioned above requires infrastructure that will help us achieve this important goal. These infrastructures include improvements such as production, price, quality and international trade. Of course, variables such as improving the quality of working life, income distribution, housing, productivity and sustainability are also among the issues that should be addressed in the margins of the main variables.

What infrastructure do we need?

What infrastructure is needed to be able to improve the ranking of stone exports in our country? Since the technology of stone extraction and cutting is not in a good condition, it can be considered to improve the export rank of Iranian stone. Can this equipment be imported? The answer to this question requires a little reflection, because with the import of this equipment, although the needs are met, but on the other hand, the opportunity of job creation in the supply chain of equipment and machine building is lost.

H.S codes of building and decorative stones

To export stone, you need to know the tariff codes of this product. The stone industry has 15 product codes in the field of construction and decorative stones, which we will mention below. In general, we can provide tariff codes

What’s the Future of Investing Money in the Tile Industry?

What’s the Future of Investing Money in the Tile Industry?

Political factors: Given that there is a surplus of supply in the ceramic tile industry, it is important to pay attention to regional markets, try and maintain exports. The most important importer of ceramic tiles from Iran is Iraq. Therefore, relations with tile importing countries, especially neighboring countries, is the most important factor influencing the sales of industry in the political dimension.

Economic factors: The most important economic factor is the rate of economic growth and the state of the country’s budgets. Improving economic conditions can lead to improving the situation of households and thus increase consumption. On the other hand, improving economic conditions will affect the construction and housing sectors.

Other factors: With the change in lifestyle, the desire of people to consume alternative products such as flooring has affected the sales and development of this industry. The industry is dependent on new technologies due to the need to reduce costs and be able to compete with foreign products. The evolution of technology and creativity in the production of products has a significant importance and impact on increasing the quality of product manufacturing devices, increasing the volume of products, increasing the type of services and improving quality.

Ceramic tiles in the capital market

Comparison of the assets of this industry with the stock exchange shows that 22 thousand billion rials is the total assets of this industry, which is 0.0005 total assets of the Iranian stock exchange. Also, its debts are 0.0004 of the total Iranian stock exchange. According to the latest statistics, ceramic tiles have generated a net profit of 5,000 billion rials by June 1400. In other words, the net profit generated by this industry is 0.001 of the total profit generated in the market and it can be acknowledged that this industry is small. An examination of the financial ratios of this industry shows that the profit margin of tiles is on average 0.3 and we are facing a price-to-earnings-per-share ratio of 20.49. Also, the price-to-book value ratio has reached 13. The return on equity is 0.93, which indicates the favorable efficiency of the industry in obtaining net profit. Other important financial ratios can also be compared to the stock market. The ratio of price to earnings per share is mentioned as a criterion for return on investment, which in the ceramic tile industry is twice as high as the Iranian stock exchange and 20.49. Also, the price to sales ratio in the ceramic tile industry is 6.2 and in the whole stock market is 3.6, which can indicate that the amount of sales

Reasons That May Convince You Not to Buy Marble Tiles

Reasons That May Convince You Not to Buy Marble Tiles

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Polish the house stone

Polish the house stone


Polish the house stone

Effective techniques for polishing house stones

Certainly, in the house of each of us Iranians, stone has been used on different levels, especially the floor of the building, and considering the approaching days of house shaking, one of the concerns and questions of women is that:

How to polish a house stone?

What materials should we use to polish the stone of our house?

Does our floor stone have the capacity to polish with acidic or alkaline solutions at all?

These are the questions that you will answer by reading this article. But before that, it is better to know the type of stone used in your building and get brief information about it. Because the stones are different and from marble to ceramic tiles, each has its own characteristics, this may not seem important at first, but when you want to choose a suitable detergent, it becomes very important for you. It will be a necessity because the use of improper detergent in polishing the stone of the house may cause irreparable damage. Because some rocks are weaker than acidic solutions and others than alkaline solutions.

Reverse use of any of these can reduce the life of the stones used in your building by up to 10 years or even cause them to lose their color. Therefore, we recommend that you get the necessary information about the stone material that you want to shine. Lusk flooring company is at your service with stone and flooring in all parts of Tehran.

Use the right detergent to polish the house stone

The use of proper detergents is one of those requirements that you must observe, but unfortunately Iranian women do not pay any attention to it to polish the floor stone, and sometimes without any expert advice, they spray salt ink on the stone and use it. They try to electrify the floor of the building, unaware that after a few years, the floor of the building is so damaged that they are no longer willing to see it, and they have to dig and re-stone the floor or facade of their building. But why is the stone destroyed? The reason for the destruction is that many stones have a certain level of resistance to acidic or alkaline substances, and if their pH level is not observed, they will lose their color and glaze in less than a few years, and not only make the house more beautiful. You will not be, but on the contrary, they will take the appearance and beauty from it. That is why we recommend that you use detergents with a suitable and determined pH, and for this reason, be sure to use detergents for electrifying and washing building stones. But will not these detergents remove the stone?

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