List of 5 Top Beige Ceramic Tiles Factories

Today, ceramic tiles are widely used in the construction industry and are mainly sold in bulk. As a result of their compaction, these ceramics become harder and impermeable and resistant to acids. Also, Their water absorption is less, and they are somehow waterproof and do not become dirty soon. Our factory is one of the 5 top factories which produces different kinds of ceramic tiles, especially beige ceramic tiles. We manufacture them with special machines and equipment in high quality. And distribute them where ever you are, in a short amount of time.

List of 5 Top Beige Ceramic Tiles Factories

Pros and Cons of Ceramic Tiles Industry that You Should Know

Pros and Cons of Ceramic Tiles Industry that You Should Know Like other products, these kinds of products have pros and cons too. Here we are going to mention some of them. The advantages of ceramic tiles are in the following: They have a high amount of resistance, They are resistant to moisture due to their glaze. Also, they are the best cover for wet spaces such as bathrooms and kitchens. Due to the variety of colors, patterns, and textures, they can be used in many places. They clean easily, This flooring is resistant to frost and heat. It is also durable against sudden temperature changes. So, it is resistant to be cracked.

Disadvantages of these products: Coldness is an intrinsic feature of ceramics as a flooring. And underfoot is cold and sometimes not pleasant. Installation of them is time-consuming. If the textures are used in their designs, they will absorb dirt quickly and make it difficult to clean. The possibility of slipping on them is high. They have a lot of light reflection, and if intense polishing is used in unsuitable spaces, it will cause dazzling.

Also, due to the variety of designs and sizes, tiles are used in other public and private places. Due to the variety of glaze resistance in different chemical environments and spaces such as factories with chemical environments or laboratories, tiles are the only materials used. Ceramic Tile is a product that, due to being baked at a certain temperature, is semi-glassy and has properties of very low water absorption, wear resistance, pressure resistance, and mechanical impact resistance.

What’s the Best Kind of Packaging for Exporting Tiles?

What’s the Best Kind of Packaging for Exporting Tiles? Ceramic tile packing is important for the factory that produces these types of products, and also it has a great role in commercial success because it shows the high quality and accuracy, and validity of that factory. Therefore, the quality control unit with complete standards must have accurate and comprehensive supervision over the way, conditions, and grade of ceramic tile packaging.

The importance of delivering products to the consumer along with issues such as speed of displacement, proper information, and introduction of goods for sale has led designers to consider categories for packaging each product. The main classifications have created two groups, which are: primary packaging and secondary packaging.

Each packing carton for each group of ceramic tiles includes its own specifications. Dimensions and number of ceramic tiles in each package, name, brand, and manufacturing country, type, and grade of ceramic tile, type of consumption, type of glazed or non-glazed surface, modular or non-modular working size, etc. These are the things that should be mentioned on the packaging.

The peak of Selling High-Quality Ceramic Tiles in Market

The peak of Selling High-Quality Ceramic Tiles in Market Our company suggests our best and unique products which will convince and satisfy you. We produce various kinds of ceramic tiles with varied dimensions, designs, and colors including light and dark themes. In addition, we make them with the help of updated and modern technologies, machines and also perfect materials. These features that we consider led to reaching the peak of selling. Furthermore, we distribute and export them directly without any intermediates. So, do not delay and order it in bulk right now. Before ordering please visit our site and take a look at our interesting price list, talk to our consultants then place your order.

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