High Sale of Brown Ceramic Tiles

Brown ceramic is one of the practical products that can be used as wall or floor in different spaces. The brown ceramic sales center is obliged to put different sizes of these ceramics in different designs and colors in its sales showcase, and also in providing original and high quality samples of these products, it must be very sensitive to always deliver the best brown ceramic tiles on the market to customers.

High Sale of Brown Ceramic Tiles

5 Important Criterions Should Be Considered to Choose Ceramic Tiles

5 Important Criterions  Should Be Considered to Choose Ceramic Tiles First of all, decide which part of your building you want to use ceramic tiles for and how much ceramic tile you need, and also consider how strong the ceramic tile is for you. For example, the ceramic tiles selected for the floor should be more durable, or the ceramic tiles for the walls can be selected from the decorative ceramic tiles that have less strength.

Ceramic tiles used in bathrooms should have good resistance to water absorption and penetration. Therefore, when buying ceramic tiles for bathrooms, pay attention to its quality. Another point that is important in buying ceramic tiles for bathrooms is its color. It is usually better to use light and soft colors for bathrooms and toilets because it shows pollution better and is a better option for small and dim spaces.

Various factors affect the price of ceramic tiles that should be considered when buying ceramic tiles. Factors such as design, thickness of ceramic tiles, dimensions of ceramic tiles, amount of moisture absorption, materials used, brand of ceramic tile manufacturer. The price of ceramic tiles is expressed in square meters. Of course, there are some decorative ceramic tiles that are more expensive and their price is a piece. To buy ceramic tiles, you must accurately calculate the dimensions of the house. In addition to the purchase price of ceramic tiles, you should also consider the price of installing ceramic tiles.

When buying ceramic tiles, you can understand the information from the label that is inserted on them. Degree, PEI, water absorption, coefficient of friction, frost resistance, and multicolor are some of the things you can find out by reading the label on ceramic tiles.

Therefore, when wood design ceramics are used in space, it induces a sense of seeing natural wood. Wood design ceramics are used in the floor of construction projects and are very similar to parquet and make the space much more stylish and warm. In addition to the floors of houses, brown ceramics with wood design are also used in the walls of various environments.

For example, examples of wood design ceramics that use more elements in their structure are used in the walls of corridors and busy places, which are extremely resistant to impact and can be replaced with natural stone. Also, because wood design ceramic tile for home are very similar to natural wood, they are used in the walls and floors of kitchens.

Types of wood design ceramics also have certain grades in terms of darkness and light. Light brown samples of these ceramic tile flooring are usually used in small spaces that show the space more open. Brown ceramic tile kitchen distribution authority is obliged to put all kinds of color spectrums of this popular ceramic wood design in its sales showcase in order to have all the options needed by consumers and to place each of these samples in the desired volume in warehouses. Save yourself so that it can meet the needs of applicants in a desirable way.

How to Distinguish Ceramic Tiles Based on Appearance?

Ceramics are among the products that are marketed in a wide variety of designs, such as brown ceramics by the manufacturer. Distributors of different types of ceramics, by providing such designs, provide the possibility of achieving the best and most suitable type of ceramics in the desired design as easily as possible for its users with a reasonable price and quality in time.

Brown ceramic is one of the products that can be used in various environmental conditions. It should be noted that the lovely design of this product has made it possible to use it in various parts of the building such as lobbies, kitchens and rooms. But in the following, by examining the cases of using different types of brown ceramics, we will try to provide you with more information in this field.

Residential buildings: Brown ceramic can be used in any building environment. Therefore, you can use different types of porcelain ceramic tile in various designs such as wood to provide the ceramics needed in the kitchen, bathroom, lobby space and other such cases.

Commercial and office buildings: Using different types of dark colored 12*12 ceramic tile in commercial and office buildings is an effective way to achieve a clean and pleasant environment. It should be noted that in such environments, due to the movement of people with different conditions, the use of ceramics with darker colors, the cost of re-cleaning and the use of manpower to clean them to a minimum is reduced.

How Is Water Absorption Rate of Ceramic Tiles?

How Is Water Absorption Rate of Ceramic Tiles? Another important classification to consider when buying tiles is the amount of water absorption or W.A. (water absorption) of the tiles. W.A. rating A tile tells you whether the tile is suitable for use in humid areas or outdoor spaces. There are four categories in the W.A. classification that state the name and percentage of water absorption of a tile.

Non-glass tiles absorb more than 7% of their weight in water and are not suitable for use in outdoor or humid spaces such as baths or spas. Semi-glass tiles absorb between 3 and 7% of their weight in water and are only suitable for use in dry and indoor spaces. Glass tiles absorb only 0.5% to 3% of their weight in water. And the last category is impermeable tiles that absorb less than 0.5% of their weight in water.

What we call porcelain tiles is not really made of porcelain, but is classified as an impenetrable category. These types of tiles absorb less than 0.5% of their weight in water and are usually slightly more expensive than other tiles. By buying glass tiles, between 0.5 to 3% water absorption, you save your money and in this case you are a consumer of vigilance. Tiles that fall into the glass category are called ceramics. Ceramics are also used in the floor and meet your needs in any home you are in.

What Are Saftey Specifications of Ceramic Tiles

Ceramic tiles are scored through material testing for their ability to withstand conditions. These safety factors are recommended for the use of tiles. In addition to these tests, the tiles are also graded with overall quality. When choosing a ceramic tile, it is important to compare all the ratings to get the best tile.

Degree of coverage and scratch resistance: Resistance is rated with PEI numbers. Tiles rated I or II are not suitable for installation on a level. Floor tiles should be rated at III or for residential use with the highest rating. IV Recommended for high-traffic commercial floors. PEI rating can be applied only to glazed tiles. Glazed and unglazed tiles are rated for scratch and hardness. Tiles are rated from 1 to 10. Diamonds are the hardest tile available. Recommended 5 or higher for home flooring and 7 or higher for commercial flooring.

Absorb water and dew: Tile water absorption rating helps to know if the tile is suitable for installation in your room Ranking based on how much water absorbed by the tile is calculated for wet areas, including patio tiles should be impermeable in combination with the rating Water absorption, tiles are rated for cold resistance Glass and impermeable tiles are resistant to cold because they do not absorb enough water.

Friction coefficient: The COF score represents the force required for an object to move across the tile surface divided by the weight of the tile. The main concern for this rating is the risk of slipping when walking on the tile surface due to lack of friction. Suitable for commercial buildings at home and above 0.60. These dimensions are available in SI units on the tile data sheet in pound feet.

Brown Ceramic Tiles in Good Price

 Brown Ceramic Tiles in Good Price Distribution centers of brown ceramic wood design can be seen in different parts of the country and if you need to buy from them, but usually in Tehran province can be seen in many of these ceramic centers for this reason Many ceramic manufacturers are operating in this part of the country. Due to the close relationship with the manufacturers, some of these centers have been able to offer cheap and reasonable prices in connection with this ceramic, because there will no longer be an intermediary that will increase the prices to make a profit

Ceramic products have a high value in global sales outlets and the economic prosperity of some of its producing countries depends on the process of buying and selling brown ceramics. Because the variety of ceramics in the market is very high and different methods are available for its producers in the process of buying ceramics. The price of ceramics in the domestic market fluctuates a lot and it may not be possible to determine the price stability for it. Ceramic products in foreign markets are less expensive than domestic ones; Because the domestic sample did not sell well due to the lack of required raw materials and the high cost of the final product. Sales of finished ceramic products depend on market demand, and if market demand decreases, glazed ceramic tiles production may also stop.

The selling price of brown ceramics is more reasonable than other ceramics because it is in high demand and has reached mass production. However, its final price still depends on several basic factors. First, what raw materials do they use? Because according to the use of raw materials, brown ceramics are divided into three types of quality. First-class quality, second-class quality and third-class quality. Therefore, by choosing what kind of quality your ceramic has, its price also varies. But another factor affecting the price of brown ceramics is the type of preparation. If you buy directly from the distribution and distribution centers of ceramic tiles, since the intermediaries are eliminated, the final price will be much lower than the market rate.

Premium Brown Ceramic Tiles Producers

Today, manufacturers who are active in the ceramic tile industry design ceramics in different designs and colors, each of which is used in different projects according to its appearance and technical characteristics. One of these types of ceramics is called wood design ceramic. This ceramic has a brown color that the designs used on the surface of this ceramic are very similar to the natural veins of wood.

Brown ceramic is a ceramic that can restore beauty and charm to different parts of the living environment. This ceramic is decorated with a beautiful wooden design and conveys a very good feeling. This type of ceramic with its light brown color is easily installed in different parts and meets everyone’s expectations in every way. The manufacturer of brown ceramic design recognizes the need of foreign markets to buy different types of brown ceramics and takes valuable measures to produce it. This manufacturer selects the highest quality models of these ceramics for sale to foreigners and does its best to make customers experience a satisfactory purchase.

Since the step-by-step production of ceramics goes in the best possible way and a standard formulation is used to produce it, the quality of the products that are produced can be highly assured. These ceramics have excellent resistance to physical damage such as breakage and are not damaged by cold and heat. One of the most important advantages of brown ceramics with wood design is that it is waterproof. For this reason, you can install it in the bathroom and enjoy its unique quality.

Brown Ceramic Tiles to Export

Brown Ceramic Tiles to Export Brown ceramics, due to its unique and natural design, has received a lot of attention in home decoration today. The brown ceramic distribution center has tried to capture the domestic market by selling both directly and indirectly. At the same time, due to its high quality and beautiful design, wood design ceramics have been considered in foreign markets. Perhaps because of the color of the ceramics, it is a common misconception that ceramics may lose their color after a while due to constant traffic and washing.

Many people who consume ceramics are from the middle class; of course, there are various classes that want to buy ceramics, but many of them are in this category. Therefore, the price of ceramics produced by different factories should be such that all these strata can buy this ceramic with the budget they have. Officials can also use their actions to make the cost of ceramics for customers so that everyone can buy it. People who are major buyers of ceramics are able to submit their orders to these centers by visiting these centers and will be delivered at their desired location. Sometimes these centers offer special discounts on buying and selling ceramics to customers. This can increase people’s independence and be effective for them.

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