Great Ceramic Tile Exportation

There are many factories in the world that can supply great ceramic tile for export, but not all of these factories can deliver a quality product to the customer. Based on the experience we have gained, we can prove to you that the number of companies supplying ceramic tiles for export is not very large. But if you are thinking about the supply and export of ceramics in Iraq and other neighbors of the country, we must say that you have to go through many steps, one of which is the issue of customs clearance.

Great Ceramic Tile Exportation

3 Essential Points to Choose Ceramic Tile for Bathroom

3 Essential Points to Choose Ceramic Tile for Bathroom Be careful in choosing the size of ceramic tiles:

When buying ceramic tile for bathroom, you should be very careful in choosing its size. The choice of bathroom tile size depends on the size of the space. The larger the tile size, the larger the bathroom will look. It is true that there is no set rule for choosing the size of the bathroom tile, but it is better to follow the designers. Designers believe that installing medium-sized tiles in small bathrooms will make the space look bigger.

Do not forget the importance of tile design and texture:

Tile is an important and popular building material, so it is not surprising why its design and texture are so diverse. Do not rush when choosing the design and texture of bathroom tiles. By choosing the right design and texture, you can make a fundamental change in the appearance of bathroom decoration. In order to be able to choose the best design and texture from a variety of options, you need to consider several factors.

Be more careful in choosing the color of the tile:

Interior designers believe that the color of decoration affects the soul and psyche of people. If you want to make your bathroom a relaxing and enjoyable space, be careful in choosing the color of the bathroom tiles. It is recommended to use warm colors in the design of the bathroom, because the bathroom is a humid and cold environment. However, choosing warm and light colors such as cream, milk, Nescafe and chocolate seems very appropriate.

Producing Great Ceramic Tile in Different Colors

Producing Great Ceramic Tile in Different Colors The ceramic , if it is beautiful, gives a luxurious and pleasant atmosphere to the bathroom. The use of ceramic tiles in the bathroom eliminates the need for synthetic industrial materials to cover this space, and use healthy natural materials such as ceramic tiles to cover the floor and walls of the bathroom. Bathroom ceramic tiles are available in different designs and colors of ceramic tile in the market, which are basically simple and bright colors among the customers of these products are very popular.

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