Fundamental Steps of Wholesale Trading Beige Floor Tiles

Beige floor tiles is a product made of pottery that is produced in a process by advanced industrial machines. Today, tiles are used in almost all parts of the world for the final design of buildings. With the increase in construction, there are always many customers who were looking for a specific and unique product, according to the policy of domestic factories, which have based their main goal of work on increasing customer satisfaction. They tried to produce products with the help of advanced devices that meet the customer’s tastes. It should be noted that the products that are in the category of tile exports in terms of quality, are part of the first category that these products are exported to other countries in the world with special packaging.

Tile export steps, step by step:

Step 1 – Determine your potential in the export chain: The first step in exporting ceramic tiles is to determine the company’s roadmap. In fact, we must first know our capacities in order to export the product according to it. If you think you can afford to overspend the country, then you can dream of exporting.

Step 2 – Pay attention to the economic capacity of the destination country: The second step in exporting wall and ceramic tiles is to pay attention to the infrastructure and economic capacity of the destination country. Afghanistan, for example, is not a good option for mass exports due to its economic weakness; However, due to lack of knowledge and sufficient resources to produce ceramics, it can be a good option for limited exports.

Step 3 – Hire an International Marketer: The third step in exporting ceramic tiles is to hire an expert marketer. These marketers travel to different countries in order to acquaint buyers and promote their products, and prepare the ground for trade and contracts with various companies.

Fundamental Steps of Wholesale Trading Beige Floor Tiles

What’s the Usage of Tiles in Different Industries?

What's the Usage of Tiles in Different Industries? Step 4 – Prepare for the export of goods: After the destination country has agreed to export the company, the preparations for sending the goods should begin. To do this, you must first go to one of the customs companies and obtain the necessary licenses to send the goods. You must first determine your export goods. Of course, you receive an export license when the needs of the country are met and the export of the relevant goods does not lead to the price of that product in the domestic market. In fact, here is the issue of supply and demand.

Step 5 – Payment of customs duties and sending goods: If the government agrees to export the relevant goods, you will be able to pay the customs fees and fill out the necessary forms to prepare the shipment. Of course, before sending the goods, you must pre-determine how to deliver it to the customer. There are many rules in this process.

Step Six and Last Step – Delivery of Goods: When the relevant ceramic tiles reach the foreign customer, the person in charge of transit is obliged to empty the goods only if payment is made. Otherwise, the cost of delay, etc. is the responsibility of the buyer and you have the right to receive damages.

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Permissions You Must Have for Exporting Tiles

Permissions You Must Have for Exporting Tiles One of the important steps in the customs clearance process is the licenses issued by other organizations and institutions, and customs clearance is not possible until these licenses are obtained. In case of goods in need of licensing, the period of stopping the goods in the customs places is increased due to the prolongation of the licensing process, the responsibility and additional costs imposed will not be borne by the customs or the licensing organization.

Necessary licenses for export include: Obtaining a merchant order registration license, Obtaining a license from the Standard Office for standardized goods, obtaining a license from the Food and Drug Administration, General Directorate of Medical Equipment ,Radio Regulatory Authority, Atomic Energy Organization, Plant Quarantine and Plant Protection Organization, Ministry of Jihad Agriculture.

How Does Trading Beige Floor Tiles Give You a Boom Market?

How Does Trading Beige Floor Tiles Give You a Boom Market? Ceramic tiles are among the products that are produced in designs, colors and types and are well available in the construction industry for launching ceramic tiles to make a profit in this field. Selling ceramic tiles is a workbook that is more profitable than the margins and on the other hand does not require many permits to start work. You can contact us for better business and consultation with experienced people.

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