Development Rhythm of Trading Hexagon Ceramic Tiles in the EU Countries

Hexagon ceramic tiles, yellow ,honeycomb :Tile is a ceramic and ceramic product that has a special application and importance in the building, such as bathrooms, toilets, kitchens and public toilets, etc. Tiles are used for interior and exterior decoration as well as for sanitation and moisture insulation. The word tile is adapted from the name of Kashan city, which was known as the center of pottery industry since the early Islamic era. Materials (usually solids) that are mostly non-metallic and inorganic are called ceramics; As well as metal oxides. According to some definitions, chemically, materials that are composed of a mixture of clay with sand and feldspar at high temperatures and form glass-like masses that are also almost impermeable, insoluble and very hard are called ceramics.Export of ceramic tiles to Europe: Sanction conditions are such that the export of ceramic tiles has reached its lowest level in the last 1 year. Prior to the oppressive Western sanctions, the country exported more than 500 million square meters of ceramic tiles. However, this figure has now reached less than 200 million square meters per year in 1999.

Development Rhythm of Trading Hexagon Ceramic Tiles in the EU Countries

3 Must-Have Licenses for Wholesale Trading Tiles

3 Must-Have Licenses for Wholesale Trading Tiles Did you know that one of the most lucrative businesses for traders is the export of ceramic tiles? Export of ceramic tiles contributes to the development of tile industry producers in Iran and the country’s economic prosperity. Most ceramic tiles are exported to Iran’s neighboring countries. Such as exports to Iraq, Armenia, Georgia, Russia, Turkey, Pakistan, Tajikistan, Azerbaijan, exports to Kuwait, Oman, UAE, Turkmenistan and exports to Qatar and even distant countries such as European or African countries, so these exports can be for you. Be a profitable business.Georgia is one of the countries in both Asia and Europe. And is located between the Caspian Sea and the Black Sea. Georgia’s membership in the European Union and NATO, as well as the rule of law in the EU, also doubles the importance of exports to Georgia. One of the most lucrative activities between Iran and Georgia is the ceramic tile trade. The importance of this issue is such that the value of tile exports to Georgia in 1995 amounted to $ 8,449,728 million.

Impact of Trading Tiles on Worldwide Economy

Impact of Trading Tiles on Worldwide Economy One of the most important industries that experienced a sharp decline in the days of Corona was the construction and decoration industry. The economic downturn has left many people unemployed or bankrupt due to a lack of economic activity or a reduction in them. The closure of trade borders and exchanges at the beginning of 2020 and the following months and the inactivity of customs made it impossible for many producers to send their export products to the countries with which they had contracts, as in previous years, and this resulted in losses to producers. Did not include‌.Italian ceramic machinery and equipment manufacturers have reportedly seen a slight improvement in their performance. While the preliminary results of 2020 showed a significant decrease compared to 2019 in Italian machine manufacturers (so that total revenue fell by 18%, and we saw a 36.6% decline in Italian domestic sales and a 13% contraction in domestic exports MECS-Acimac Research Center shows that the existing companies under review are gradually regaining their position in sales.Statistics show that exports in the fourth quarter of 2020 had a better trend than in previous months, giving these producers hope for the future and expanding their operations and sales. The realized forecasts for the first quarter of 2021 created the most optimism, especially considering that the global ceramic industry is showing significant signs of improvement and production in many countries, including Italy, Brazil, India, Spain and others. Major countries producing ceramic tiles have returned to their full capacity.

Unlimited Bulk Distribution of Pure Ceramic Tiles in White Market

Unlimited Bulk Distribution of Pure Ceramic Tiles in White Market Today the floor of any place and even walls, such as kitchen and bathroom walls, are made and covered with ceramics instead of plaster. Ceramic floors and walls have many advantages, for example: It can be washed with water and detergents and the dirt is easily removed like grease. Prevents dampness of walls and return of plaster and dirt. It is very stylish and beautiful and gives a special look to any place. Today, there are different types of modern ceramics, each of which is different according to its place and application, for example, smooth ceramics, grooved ceramics for the floor and so on. Ceramics are also composed of different colors and designs, which makes white ceramics more special and more impressive.

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